Field School

June 12-30th, 2017

Travel to, from, and within Italy is at the student’s expense. Students should plan to arrive in the region on Saturday, June 10th. Further information on when and where we will meet you to transport you to the hotel will be given to student participants. The hotel will be open on that date and supper provided that first Saturday. Students must sign a health waiver form upon arrival in Torre Orsaia. All students must be ready to vacate the hotel by noon on Friday, June 30th. 


Students will stay in the Lanterna Verde hotel in Torre Orsaia.



Breakfast, a snack break, lunch (sandwiches, tomatoes, cucumbers, and fruit) and dinner (3-course meal) will be provided Monday morning through to Friday lunch. Friday supper, Saturday, and Sunday meals are at the discretion of the student. A variety of meal options and supermarkets are available in Torre Orsaia. If students remain in Torre Orsaia for the weekend a light Italian breakfast (coffee and croissant) will be provided over the weekend.


Subsistence Fees

The sum of $1800* Canadian is due by April 31st. Subsistence fees cover the cost of food, accommodations, and equipment for the duration of the field school.

*This is an estimate based on previous years and is subject to change.


Tuition Fees


Please consult the Office of the Registrar ( at the University of Alberta for tuition fees.


In 2016 Canadian citizens and permanent residents tuition for a 6 credit course was $1,450.58.* If you are not a Canadian resident you must pay International student fees and may require a Visa. In 2016 international student tuition for a 6 credit course was $4,401.62.*


*Fees are subject to change from year to year


Tuition fees do not include airfare, travel within Italy, subsistence fees, or any other personal expenses.

Education Abroad Grant


All students accepted to the program who meet the following criteria are eligible for a $750 Canadian grant.


  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;

  • have completed at least two semesters of, as well as be currently registered in and attending a diploma, baccalaureate, master’s or doctoral program at an eligible Alberta post-secondary institution; and

  • be a resident of Alberta, defined for the purpose of this grant program as any one of the following

    • ​​Born in Alberta;

    • Graduated from a high school in Alberta;

    • Graduated from an Eligible Program at an Alberta post-secondary institution; or

    • Lived in Alberta for 12 consecutive months. 



Students will be graded on the following:


  • excavation technique - 30%

  • excavation journal - 15%

  • geophysical techniques - 20%

  • forms, lab performance - 10%

  • photography and imaging - 10%

  • interpretative essay at the end of the work on site - 15%


Personal Equipment


Students must bring with them:

  • canvas or leather hiking boots: these are essential wear on site

  • thick socks

  • small day packs for carrying personal belongings to site

  • rain jacket: there can be heavy thunderstorms in Italy in the summer

  • personal hygiene items 

  • thermos flask or canteen for drinking water on site

  • pocket knife

  • swimming gear and a beach towel (note: the hotel provides towels for showering only and these cannot be taken to beaches) - a possibility on weekends

  • alarm clock

  • suntan lotion/sunscreen: there is a high risk of sunburn

  • change of clothing suitable for cold nights and hot days: this should include a sweater

  • Gatorade powder, iron pills, mineral salt supplements, multivitamins are advised


Clothes must be hand washed and students should pack accordingly. All students MUST wear long pants for work on site. Students should ensure that they are able to cover their arms and heads. Long sleeved shirts and sun hats are recommended.


Archaeological Equipment


Students/Volunteers are responsible for bringing the following to site:


  • U of A site notebook (must be deposited in the excavation archive at the end of the course) The regulation notebook is the U of A Physics notebook with a hard black cover. Students from outside of Edmonton can purchase a notebook at the site.

  • pointing trowel (not a garden trowel)

  • pencils/erasers

  • one black India Ink pen (available at Michael’s or art supply stores)

  • pencil sharpeners

  • one black Sharpie 

  • black ball point pen (must use black ink in the site notebook)


Field Trips

Roccagloriosa is in the Cilento, a UNESCO World Heritage site, in Campania.   It is approximately 10 km from the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea and in close proximity to the ancient Greek, Lucanian, and Roman site of Paestum.  There will be a group field trip to Paestum and the hotel staff can assist in arranging group visits to local historical sites in the area. Students are encouraged to travel and explore the region during the weekends.


Full information packet and application form available in hard copy at:


Department of History and Classics

2-28 Tory Building

Edmonton AB T6G 2H4


Download Application Form

Please send your $100 application fee and a copy of your application to:


Dr. Tanya Henderson

Department of History and Classics

2-28 Tory Building

Edmonton AB T6G 2H4